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Big data is the next generation of data warehousing, business analytics and business intelligence.

It’s poised to deliver top line revenues cost efficiently for enterprises based on new technologies (In-database, MPP, In–memory), more agile analysis (runtime, on time) and more deep analytics (new data mining predictive algorithm, and optimisation modelling).


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Our Big Data Analytics Services Overview

Big data is a top priority and drives an enormous improvement opportunity for businesses.

Business has thoroughly embraced Big Data analytics in theory and practice. Once companies realised they could use data to differentiate themselves and their products, they became hungry for more. But, as big data has heaped information upon them, many companies have struggled to keep up and effectively use the enormous amount of information that has very quickly become available.

With our world class Big Data Analytics delivery, we can help you analyse your structured, unstructured and binary data together to win in a competitive marketplace.

When you can analyse a large amount of data as a single set — rather than separate silos — you can uncover significant insights that would be impossible to get from traditional business intelligence. And it’s these breakthrough insights that give you a serious competitive advantage.


Data and Data Analytics

Data Consultants UK And Data Management Specialists. Predictive data analytics

The purpose of the data & analytics strategy is to assess your current state, and advise you based on your business needs and what your data & analytics future will look like and how to get there.

Data & Analytics strategy ensures that there’s one approach to all data and decision making goals across the entire organisation. It aligns data initiatives with your organisational strategy, gets buy-in from people who hold sway, and enables business and technical partners to work in sync with each other. It also assures standardisation of tools and technology across an organisation.

We work quickly and collaboratively with stakeholders, gathering your business and technology requirements, giving you recommendations in these five areas:

  • Business drivers and goals: We get to understand what you want to do from a business perspective: map out the benefits, what your goals and measures are, the decisions you need to make, and uncover the key business questions that you’re dying to know the answers to!

  • Data and analytical maturity: We will assess how mature your organisation is, and this will enable us to prepare the strategy accordingly for you to become a true data driven business.
  • Data governance: This is about making sure you have the right data of the right quality to support your business decisions. We look at people, policies and technology. With you we will establish who is responsible for the data, what policies guide collection and management of data, and what technology will support this.
  • Resources & organisation: We advise how you can move from a limited data, BI & analytics function, towards a centre of excellence. We look at the entire organisation to find suitable resources to build your data & analytics team. We will also recommend specific skills required to fill in the gaps.
  • Tools and technologies:  We also have a look under the hood to review your technology and data architecture, spot the gaps, and advise what needs improving to ensure you are optimising your data for decision making. Creating your data & analytics strategy involves working with your stakeholders onsite to set the vision and create a compelling data-driven strategy. We provide you with a comprehensive document that plots out the overall program of delivery for transforming you into a data-driven organisation.


Big Data Architecture Solution aka Modern Data Architecture

Data Consultants UK And Data Management Specialists. Making sense of big data.

We help you make sense of your data

Modern data architecture doesn’t just happen by accident, springing up as enterprises progress into new realms of information delivery. Nor is the act of planning modern data architectures a technical exercise, subject to the purchase and installation of the latest and greatest shiny new technologies. Rather, the design and creation of modern data architectures is an uplifting process that brings in the whole enterprise, stimulating new ways of thinking, collaborating, and planning for data and information requirements. It’s an opportunity for business decision makers to sit down with IT colleagues and figure out what kind of business they want to be in, what kinds of information they seek to propel that business forward, and what needs to be done to capture and harness that information.


The old models of data architecture aren’t enough for today’s data-driven business demands. Architecture designed a decade ago, that rapidly and seamlessly moves data from production systems into data warehouses, for example, may not be capable of meeting the needs of today’s real-time, data-driven enterprises.

Architecture is more important than ever because it provides a road map for the enterprise to follow. Without a well-planned, careful, deliberate approach to data architecture, another type of architecture rises to take its place—a “spaghetti architecture” approach that occurs when every business unit or department sets out to buy its own solutions.

  • We recommend and provide data lake reference architecture
  • Considerations for data lake management and operations
  • Considerations for data lake security and governance
  • Metadata management
  • Logical data lakes to enable ground-to-cloud hybrid architectures
  • Self-service data marketplaces for more democratised data access



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