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With the rise of the internet and smart technology, businesses have more potential than ever before to capture customer data and transform it into meaningful business strategies that increase efficiency, drive sales and guide decisions. Interpreting the masses of data available to a business can be difficult, but that's where we come in. We want to help your company harness the power of your data! Read our case studies below to see what data can do for you.





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Case Studies


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Financial Services:

Big Data analytics enables financial institutions to improve their trading and risk decisions, protect themselves from fraud and security threats, and improve their products by using better customer identification and marketing campaigns.

Big Data analytics is helping investment banks transition from relying on batch data to make trading decisions. It has improved the risk decisions by leveraging real-time analysis of current data rather than the risk management models based on historical data.

For example, CITIC Bank Credit Card Centre used Big Data technology to identify customers who are unlikely to activate their credit card services, and direct marketing incentives to those most likely to activate. From doing this, they improved the effectiveness of the marketing campaign by 65%.

Westpac New Zealand used Big Data technology to analyse social media data to gain real-time insights into the bank’s brand health and its performance across different geographies by correlating specific branch performance to customer’s social data.



The surge in volume of clinical data on medication, allergies, and procedures owing to the implementation of electronic health records have led healthcare organisations to seek opportunities to predict and react more rapidly to critical clinical events. This results in better care for patients as well as more effective cost management.

For example, several of the United States’ largest integrated delivery networks, such as Cleveland Clinic, MedStar, University Hospitals, St. Joseph Health System, Catholic Health Partners, and Summa Health System use the Big Data platform for real-time exploration, performance and predictive analytics of clinical data.

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Organisations are increasingly leveraging Big Data and finding new opportunities to predict maintenance problems, enhance manufacturing quality and reduce costs using Big Data.

For example, Volvo leverages Big Data to analyse information received from its vehicles, customer relationship management systems, product development and design systems, to identify, in advance, potential issues and proactively resolving the problems by adjusting the manufacturing process.



Organisations in the telecom industry are increasingly reliant on real-time analysis of data generated by mobile devices. This includes phone calls, text messages, applications, and web browsing for better customer service and to build on retention and loyalty.

For example, Nokia collects a huge amount of unstructured data from phones in use, services, log files and other sources. It uses it to gain insight into the collective behaviour of consumers to improve the quality of its phones and their features.

Cablecom deploys Big Data analytics to identify when a customer was most likely to make a decision to leave its network and offers special deals and incentives to retain the customer at the right time.

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With large amounts of data being generated from the point of sale at stores, online transactions, and social media posts, Big Data offers numerous opportunities to retailers to improve marketing, merchandising, operations, supply chain and develop new business models.

Retailers are deploying Big Data analytics to improve the accuracy of forecasts, anticipate changes in demand and react accordingly. For example, the use of Big Data analytics led to significant growth in the number of active members of Sears’ loyalty programme (membership crossed 80 million customers).


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