Agile Enterprise Architecture Design and Solution


We help organisations to build their enterprise architecture vision and strategy by describing the company in terms of its business entities, its properties and the relations between them and the external environment. We define the lifecycles of the applications in conjunction with technology. At the same time, we ensure that the company as a whole retains integrity and consistency.

  • Business Architecture
  • Information Architecture
  • Technology Architecture
  • Solution Architecture

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Data Consultants UK And Data Management Specialists. Aligning technology assets business goals.


Our Consultants Help Clients To Align Their IT Assets With Business Goals:

  • Visualise your business operations, structure, systems, interconnections and dependencies
  • Build a comprehensive picture of your capabilities and opportunities
  • Prioritise strategic and organisational changes
  • Base decisions on facts and data rather than anecdotes and assumptions
  • Map IT investments and capabilities accurately to business priorities and requirements
  • Create clear communication channels between IT leaders and business strategists
  • Make sure the organisation has the right technology assets in place to support strategic enterprise objectives



BI & Modern Data Warehouse

Our BI Services Overview

With the rising penetration of cloud technologies and the growing dependency on data in decision making, data intelligence is now a necessity. Combining our experience of domain knowledge for data solutions, technology and use-case knowledge we can help build intelligent solutions for your data to drive maximum positive impact on your bottom line. We can help you uncover data sources and integrate them into one platform, deploy visualisation platforms and build stories for business metrics.

We help organisations in strategising and aligning their BI solution with organisational goals and finally in institutionalising the solution through a structured mechanism of knowledge transfer. Our extensive experience enables us to leverage a knowledge repository of best practice models of BI, data mining and statistical solutions, scorecard models, and artefacts.

Our principals are certified PMPs operating under strong Project Management and Quality assurance standards.

Modern Data Warehouse

  • Think about future needs
  • Increasing data volumes
  • Real-time performance
  • New data sources and types
  • Cloud-born data
  • Multi-platform solution
  • Hybrid architecture



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Data Consultants UK And Data Management Specialists