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A recent study by Forbes reaffirms the talent gap in Data Science. With the current data explosion Organisations are striving to triple their Data Science talent. The study suggests that rather than attempting to hire in the finished article in an increasingly barren marketplace, companies are surely better off investing in data-science training and therefore upgrading their existing talent pool.

At Nandini Consulting we offer courses at Universities and Corporations to develop talent in Data Science. Our expert trainers have actual industry experience and have successfully delivered Data Science solutions to clients worldwide.

Upskill Your Workforce

  • Conducted on-premise by SMEs
  • Comprehensive assessment of team talent for specific skills
  • Opportunity to develop company specific prototypes and CoE (Center of Excellence)

Nandini Consulting is committed to developing talent within the organization on all Data solutions. We can deliver basic courses for Users of technology solutions and special targeted courses for defined roles & talent development.




Data Consultants UK And Data Management Specialists. Nandini training and support.



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Data Consultants UK And Data Management Specialists