Digital Transformation

Nandini Consulting specialises in helping organisations transform their business with a strategic road map driven by analytics and ROI. Are you looking to innovate in a unique and transformative way but need a technology partner to help you move forward? Are business justifications and complex organisation structures hindering your business’s ability to progress? Discover how to drive your business transformation the right way through our workshop.

Digital transformation leverages digital technology to drive strategic improvement across an organisation. Digital transformation doesn’t cover just IoT, artificial intelligence or predictive analytics. It can mean selecting, designing and implementing a new customer relationship management software, a new development methodology, replacing several operational tools with a new one, or one tool with several new ones.

Cloud Strategic Solution

  • Modernised IT platforms
  • Modernise data centre technologies
  • Evolve your IT operating model for greater efficiency with hybrid IT

Data Consultants UK And Data Management Specialists. Cloud technology.




Data Consultants UK And Data Management Specialists. Artificial intelligence.

IOT (Internet of Things)

We help to improve business operations with proven frameworks and use cases for aligning connected things in industrial and enterprise IoT.

Artificial Intelligence

Nandini provides AI services for companies looking to create new products, processes and services or increase the efficiency and quality of their existing ones.

In practice, applying data analytics and AI to a new task means transforming data and defining models that are suitable for the task. Data visualisations and automation then allow intelligent decision making and automating operations based on the data.

Artificial intelligence. Computer learning. Big data.



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Data Consultants UK And Data Management Specialists