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We are specialists in both transformational data strategy and technical data science. We know that academic “insights” are occasionally useful but mostly overblown, and we focus on generating real business value at every point during our projects. We have concentrated experience in the Finance, Retail and Government sectors but have applied our skills to a wide variety of environments; including professional sport, manufacturing and travel.

The era of consultants delivering a slick slide deck, then disappearing off to give exactly the same presentation to your competition, is over.

Rightfully, companies demand more value for money, and are suspicious of easy answers. Companies want concrete solutions that are developed for their specific needs.

At Nandini Consulting, our roots are in research, technology and software development. We combine the technical expertise of the best of academia with the pace of development of the most effective start-ups, to deliver outstanding results as fast as possible.


Data Consultants UK And Data Management Specialists. Data science.

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Data Consultants UK And Data Management Specialists