Application Development


In support of strategy, we develop applications for an organisation which is specific, using shared, data-based goals and objectives of our clients. Our Application Development Services help customers ramp up their application projects. We can take full ownership of the development, add capacity to existing teams and make changes throughout the lifetime of an application.

  • Web Development
  • Software Development
  • Mobile Apps

We offer the most comprehensive application modernisation services to make your business more agile and help it scale. Our services include:

  • Legacy Revitalisation
  • Cloud Assessment & Migration
  • Application Portfolio Optimisation & Decommissioning as Service
  • Enterprise Intelligence Hub using Big Data technologies

Data Consultants UK And Data Management Specialists. Application development.


Data Consultants UK And Data Management Specialists. Agile development.

Agile Applications Development

Nandini provides the capability and scale to execute and manage the development of applications using multiple methodologies. Services include architecture and design, development, quality assurance and governance throughout the lifecycle.


Nandini helps organisations increase productivity and deliver business results by enabling and automating the development pipeline. Offerings include DevOps Advisory Services which help prioritise projects for specific business results; DevOps Enablement Services which prepare teams to adopt DevOps; and DevOps Project Services to scale the initial capability for enterprise class functionality.

Cloud Native Applications Development

We accelerate development of scalable cloud native applications and microservices using a factory approach while leveraging proven pre-built services from Nandini and our partners.

Applications Security

Our services help organisations avoid, identify and remediate vulnerabilities in their applications to improve security resilience and adhere to regulatory compliance.

Digital Development Services

We offer a full-service team of customer experience strategists, designers and developers who help organisations solve business problems and turn ideas into digital businesses by transforming with mobile applications development, IoT, social media, augmented reality, and robotic process automation.

We offer multiple options to accelerate your development efforts. These include our new Digital Transformation Centres, and the new Nandini Rapid Digital Delivery crowdsourcing solution.



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Data Consultants UK And Data Management Specialists