Client Challenge:

Due to multiple codes for the same entity in Secondary Sales, the KPI reporting did not give the complete picture. Human intervention was required at many levels while deciding on the discounts and promotion schemes running at an outlet. At the same time, Client also wanted to unlock the value and benefits of a common customer database.

Our Solution and Approach

Nandini Consulting recommended client to run its GTM based on Product GTM Categories (mix of various SKUs in its portfolio). Also, suggested client to have one consolidated BI reporting system with KPIs rolling up by Product GTM Categories.

Considering the volume of secondary sales data and complex project requirement, Nandini Consulting recommended client to upgrade its BW on HANA platform. We not only enhanced the report performance because of in-memory platform of HANA, but also significantly reduced data storage capacity because of columnar storage. Leveraging on HANA's USP, Nandini Consulting implemented a mix and match of BW modeling and native HANA modeling to do the right thing the right way such as using native HANA Calculation View (instead of BW cube) to deliver a complex requirement and saving significant time in data loading

Benefits we delivered to client

  • Unlock the benefits of a single version of truth.
  • Automation of business processes in order to minimize human intervention.
  • Enabling lean and agile transaction and reporting system.
  • Operating with Scalable Distributors (SDB) for multiple territories.
  • Push down of processing from BO and BW to HANA results in excellent performance and vastly improved report run times.
  • Software and Hardware upgradation to latest platforms.

Nandini Consulting Lessons Learnt

  • Navigational Attributes cannot be enabled at ADSO level but can be enabled in the Composite Provider. A workaround for this is building 2 CPs, with Child CP acting as an ADSO with nav. attributes enabled and this CP used in Parent CP.
  • Complex join scenarios in Composite Provider like union over joins, CP with joins to be used in another CP, are not supported. Also, CP built with a CP within it, cannot be used in another CP.
  • Not all CKFs are pushed down to HANA layer. (for e.g. Exception Aggregation KFs)
  • SAP BO Universe does not support multiple key dates like in case of Inventory where non-cumulative key figures are used.
  • Transformations with ABAP routines cannot be enabled for HANA processing.