Information Architecture plays critical role in data governance, data integration and automation within any organisation. It brings people and technology together; also information architecture looks into all aspects of the different data sources that provide structured, unstructured and other forms of data. Information architecture components such as classification, information lifecycle, metadata management, definition and naming standards and security models provide the foundational layer and consistent specification for any organisation.


Information architecture adds dimensions to data i.e. content, context and users. Any company can add value to their data asset if they know in what context data is consumed. Information flow is a vital component for any firm to capture Meta data around it to drive their business. When integrated with your organization’s information platforms and tools like content management systems, digital asset management systems, search engines, websites, and portals, it will improve content organization, accessibility, reuse, and findability, making it more valuable.

In today’s world organisation have diverse data structures within an organisation (e.g. structure, semi-structure and un-structure) and data volume is increasing day by day, so understanding the trust of association with every component of information across all systems will be even more important. The success of data analytics and insights will be heavily dependent on the architecture framework which enables information exchange and sharing. Information Architecture helps organizations to overcome challenges to gain access to the information they need when they need it.



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